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Weather in Lucerne

Aktuelles Wetter

Fr Freitag 25. April 2014 25.4 sonnig 10°

Prognose für die nächsten Tage

Sa Samstag 26. April 2014 26.4 wechselnd bewölkt 10° | 18°
So Sonntag 27. April 2014 27.4 stark bewölkt, zeitweise Regen | 12°
Mo Montag 28. April 2014 28.4 stark bewölkt, schwacher Regen | 13°
Di Dienstag 29. April 2014 29.4 stark bewölkt, schwacher Regen | 17°
Mi Mittwoch 30. April 2014 30.4 Aufhellungen, einzelne Regenschauer | 18°

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Romantik is a rendezvous with life

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A rendezvous is always something special, whether it’s a meeting of two young lovers or a long established couple, a meeting with friends or simply with oneself.


«Rendez vous!» Discover excitement and new experiences, fond memories and of course plenty of romance.  In the truest sense of the word: Romantik. A grand idea we believe in, we live and for which we go to the limit day-after-day.


Join us to discover a romantic world in a truly exquisite setting!
Arno Affolter and the «Wilden Mann» Team




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